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Strength and Conditioning Exercise Videos to build muscle and help you understand each exercise in our MMA pro XTreme Training System and our free online fitness programs, posted on our homepage. These exercise videos can be used as support for the Workouts of the Day and can be downloaded to your ipod or you can watch them right on our site.

Many of these exercises appear in our #1 Fitness Training System called MMA pro XTreme. You can view the exercise videos to assist while using this system to help you on your way to building muscle and losing fat!

Our free workouts are posted daily and focus on strength and power, conditioning and a workout we call Relentless. You decide which fitness training session you would like to complete and then get it done!

If you have any questions about any of the exercise videos or our free workouts, contact us.  If you are ready to start losing weight, building muscle and getting the results you deserve....start with MMA pro XTreme today!

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S.No.ExerciseFile Size 
21.Dragon Flags0.72 MB View  Download
22.Dumbell Bench Press0.83 MB View  Download
23.Dumbell Bench Press Single Arm1.26 MB View  Download
24.Dumbell Lunge1.14 MB View  Download
25.Dumbell Snatch-1 Handed1.48 MB View  Download
26.Dumbell Split Squat1.61 MB View  Download
27.Dumbell Squat Push Press1.42 MB View  Download
28.Farmer Walk1.92 MB View  Download
29.Front Squat1.35 MB View  Download
30.Gator Walks2.69 MB View  Download
31.Glute Ham Raises0.99 MB View  Download
32.Good Mornings1.21 MB View  Download
33.GPP General Physical Preparedness2.84 MB View  Download
34.Hammer Curls1.12 MB View  Download
35.Handstand Pushups0.69 MB View  Download
36.Hang Knees to Chin0.83 MB View  Download
37.Hybrid Exercise1.51 MB View  Download
38.Inverted Rows0.82 MB View  Download
39.Jump Squats1.23 MB View  Download
40.KettleBells-Snatch3.88 MB View  Download
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