Zarah . Age 24 . South Florida, USA
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"Fitness is a big part of my life. Training with the Iron Guard Fitness crew and doing the MMA pro XTreme sessions has enabled me to retain a high level of personal fitness. If you want to get lean and ripped, this is the program for you!"
- Mark Mann, Police Officer -JIBC POPAT Record Holder
"Iron Guard Fitness and the MMA pro XTreme Training System are awesome. You should get it and get fit.
- Damian Kowalewich, Police Officer
"I train hard and I am always looking to maximize my performance. I have never trained like this and using the MMA pro XTreme Training system I went from 230lbs to 205 lbs and got completely ripped. I used to go to the gym and throw around heavy weight but now I understand what functional fitness means and the MMA pro XTreme system has helped me get there.

My job demands physical performance and since training with Iron Guard Fitness and using their systems I can tell you I have exceeded even my own expectations. Two words...Get IT!"
- Cory Scott, Police Officer
"I have nothing but respect for Dave’s knowledge and passion for fitness. I have been fortunate to take part in his Boot Camp style classes and did my fitness ever improve! Dave’s enthusiasm, combined with his excellent instruction skills made for very challenging, enjoyable classes.

I’ve also had Dave put together a nutrition program, which quite handily took care of those sugar cravings, and gave me awesome, sustained energy throughout the day. I have now graduated to the workouts he posts on his website "Iron Guard Fitness" regularly, and while they leave me physically challenged, I can honestly say I find them to be the most effective way of working out.

His energy and enthusiasm on the job is contagious! Anyone who chooses Dave and the IRON GUARD FITNESS MMA pro Xtreme Training System, whether it be for fitness or nutrition, is definitely going to see positive changes!"
- Kathleen Brandsma, Police Officer
"Mixed Martial Arts is the most demanding sport there is. If you're not in fight shape you're going to get hurt in there. Conditioning programs for MMA must include speed, strength, power, endurance, cardio and flexibility training.
Iron Guard Fitness programs incorporate these aspects of training into their MMA pro XTreme programs. You don't have to be a professional fighter to be in great shape; you just need to make yourself do the hard work.
Jason Heit
Head Trainer, Island MMA Training Center
Former Canadian Kick Boxing Champion"
- Jason Heit, Island MMA - Owner/ Head Trainer
"I work long hours, like to play golf and have a busy family life. My priority has always been a fitness component. Through Dave’s training system, I was pushed, energized and felt like I had accomplished more than what I would have been able to do myself. Dave’s training system is challenging, but refreshing and gets results.

I would recommend anyone out there that wants to look and feel better to sign up for the MMA pro XTREME system. Thanks Dave.

Mike Jawl
CEO, Island Floors and Jawl Developments"
- Mike Jawl, CEO Jawl Developments
"He has a unique ability using his knowledge and training systems (IRON GUARD System) to motivate athletes. His own personal level of fitness showed that he not only “talked the talk” but ‘walked the walk’. Through the MMA pro XTREME system our athletes were leaner, stronger, more powerful and had incredible work capacity. Through optimal physical preparation, these athletes were able to use their own given talents and take their technical/tactical abilities to another level.

I would highly recommend David Smit’s IRON GUARD MMA PRO XTREME training system to anyone who not only wants to look and feel better, but also to those looking to better themselves.

John Macmillan
General Manager, Pacific Sport Canadian Sport Centre Victoria
Former Coach, Pacific Pride, U-23 Rugby
Former Asst.Coach, Canada Rugby
BC Development Rugby Coach."
- John MacMillan, Rugby Canada
"The MMA pro XTreme Training System has changed my life. I am an extremely busy professional and my time is at a premium. I no longer have to spend hours being a slave to a cardio machine. These intense sessions are efficient and enjoyable. Along with the nutritional information I have achieved my fitness goals which were to lean out and increase my muscle.

The training is fun and challenging and I feel amazing all day long.I recommend this training to anyone who wants to get the most out of their time and look great.

Thanks Dave."
- Tyra Reid, Police Officer
"Iron Guard Fitness continues to provide me with an excellent source of elite training which I am able to do while deployed at some of the F.O.B.'s in other parts of the world. These guys know what they are doing and the MMA pro XTreme Training System is an unbeilevable system.
Keep pumpin' them out fellas, I can't wait to do the next one."
- Adam Seegmiller, Canadian Armed Forces