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Relentless #283

8 rounds straight through

30 Seconds  Split Jump Squats

30 Seconds Weighted Walking Lunges

30 Seconds Air Squats

30 Second Weighted Wall Sits

Air Squats View Download
Split Squat Jumps View Download
Wall sit View Download
Strength and Power #89

5 x 15 Kettlebell Snatches (or DB snatches) followed by 8 pullups @ 40 seconds rest btwn sets

5 x 10 Bench Press @ 70 % max followed by 8 Inverted Rows

7 x Max situps with russian twist

Benchpress View Download
DB Snatch View Download
Inverted Row View Download
KB Snatch View Download
Situp with Russian Twist View Download
Strength and Power #344

21, 15, 9 Deadllifts

3 x 6 Glute Ham Raises


3 x 20 Ab Rollouts

3 x 20 Chinees

3 x 15 Supermans

Ab Rollouts View Download
Chinees View Download
Dead Lift View Download
Glute Ham Raises View Download
Super Mans View Download
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MMA Training is something you have probably thought long and hard about. The road to becoming successful as an MMA Fighter is not short and it is not for the faint of heart. Your training is most likely going to encompass both fitness and skills development in order for you to take it to the next level.

It could be perhaps you are more interested in MMA Training as a form of recreation rather than a full time undertaking. Fortunately the growth of the sport of MMA will allow you to get access to the training you are looking for.

MMA is no longer the secret sport trained only in gyms located in dark brick alleys. More and more people are realizing the benefits of a cross training in both the disciplines of skills development of MMA and the fitness regimes associated to this type of training.

The fitness component of MMA Training produces serious results across all of the systems in your body. Iron Guard Fitness has developed over 500 training sessions designed to improve your fitness whether you simply want to train hard and get results or you are focused on achieving something in the cage. If you are interested in developing Cardiovascular Power, Cardiovascular endurance, Explosive Power for both your upper and lower body, we have an entire collection of free workouts designed to achieve your goals.

Many of these sessions can be done as home workouts without the use of equipment however we also have some very intense sessions for the gym in our collection as well. If you want to use this site as a foundation for your training we are happy to provide you with all of these free workouts.

MMA training takes a big commitment and we realize it can be hard to train and pay the bills too, which is why we have made all of these mma workouts available to you. Your fitness is important and if you need anything, just drop us a line. Also (our lawyers made us type this last line) please consult a physician prior to engaging in any physical activity, especially the sessions outlined on this site. This site and it's content are for entertainment purposes and use it your own risk.

The second part of your MMA training focuses on skill development. Our area of expertise is in Jiu Jitsu and we have over 400 Jiu Jitsu Videos on a wide range of topics designed to improve both your Jiu Jitsu and your skills in an MMA setting.

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Top MMA Training Gear For 2012

Whether you are just starting your MMA training or a veteran cage fighter we all have a list of 'must haves' when training. The most important factor in MMA Gear is that it must be functional. If a piece of equipment isn't functional inside the octagon or cage then it quickly gets thrown to the gutter. Style and fashion come in a close second to functionality so it must look good as well as do its job.

The list below does a good job at bringing both these factors (Functionality & Fashion) to the table.

So, checkout this list of the top MMA training equipment for the 2012. Contract Killer Stained White Long Sleeve Rash Guard The graphics of this rashguard are incredibly detailed.

They are also sublimated and not screen printed so there is no chance of it flaking off like a lot of rashguard graphics. The 4-way stretch construction along with the flat stitch makes this rashguard one of the most durable rashguards currently on the market. You will have this one around for a long time.

Atama Women's Kyra Gracie Limited Edition Pink Gi For the ladies one of the greatest looking Gi's out there is the Atama Women's Kyra Gracie Limited Edition Pink Gi. This Gi is very Hot and I don't mean temperature! However, make sure you check with your instructors first to make sure they will allow a pink Gi on the floor (most of them will). This Gi can be use for training or competition so what I recommend is to get two and have one for training and the second one stays clean for tournaments.

MMA Training Gloves by Bad Boy Pro Series A lot of beginners don't understand the difference between training gloves and in the cage fighting gloves. These training gloves by Bad Boy are made with genuine cowide so you won't be ripping them when things get tough. One of the best features of these gloves is that it is lined with Bad Boy's quick drying anti slip fabric which works incredibly well.

A lot of the fighters in my gym didn't believe how well this fabric sucked up sweat until they tried it and now they are Bad Boy die hards. Tuffskin Heavy Bag Cover by Revgear.

The most ingenious award for 2012 goes to Revgear and they Tuffskin heavy bag cover! What is great about this cover is that it gets the fighter to focus on striking the opponent in key areas. This will develop speed, hand eye coordination, and accuracy. One other great benefit of this cover is that it also protects the heavy bag from repeated punishment. So, when you take this cover off your bag is like new!

So, there you have it the hot MMA training gear for 2012. While this list is by no means a full comprehensive list of all the hot MMA gear products of 2012 it gives you an idea of the kinds of items that will be on the wishlist of every MMA fighter. Robbin R. Gray is a write of the MMA Zone, a popular site with traditional martial arts gear like Taekwondo uniforms, Judo Gi's and more


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"The MMA pro XTreme Training System has changed my life. I am an extremely busy professional and my time is at a premium. I no longer have to spend hours being a slave to a cardio machine. These intense sessions are efficient and enjoyable. Along with the nutritional information I have achieved my fitness goals which were to lean out and increase my muscle.

The training is fun and challenging and I feel amazing all day long.I recommend this training to anyone who wants to get the most out of their time and look great.

Thanks Dave."
Tyra Reid, Police Officer
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